10 Styling tips that we use to give your food images the wow factor

1. Contrast and backgrounds

At times white on white can be visually striking, we find we get better shots if we look  for contrast. A pale coloured food and plate will have a dark background whereas a vibrantly coloured dish tends to be best with a pure white background.

2. Allow food to spill over

We don’t mind the food getting a bit messy as it helps to add movement and life to your photographs, rather than having everything confined to plates and bowls.

3. Less is more in food Styling

Although it may seem more appealing to serve plates piled high with food, we caution that an over-the-top full plate can look less attractive than a minimalist, classy spread. We create a good use of white space to frame your dish.

4. Adding texture to each plate

Lining plates with parchment or baking paper assists to add visual interest and soften the lines of your dish.

5. Reshoot a partly eaten dish

Once you have photographed the whole Dish, eat or serve some out and then take another shot. We find that a half-finished plate can be more appetising than the original dish.

6. Simple crockery and tableware to minimise distractions

While highly decorative China and table setting are beautiful on their own, they can detract from the visual impact of the food. Plain plates, especially classic white allow the food to stand out.

7. Get some progress photos

It’s easy to get distracted by focussing on getting the finished plated-up food shot, but this can mean you miss out on some great opportunities along the way. We recommend taking a few progress-shots during the preparation and cooking process.

8. New industry ideas

Inspiration can come from anywhere. When we at You Studios are eating out or even just flicking through food magazines, we like to take note of dishes that look appealing.

9. Our team like to capture the ‘yum’ factor

Talk to us about what makes your food delicious; we will then aim to highlight this characteristic in your photo. Take ice cream as an example; it’s all about creaminess and getting messy by licking off the drips as they fall onto the sides of your cone or bowl.

10. Finally, we emphasise the natural beauty

Trying to think about what it is that makes this particular dish look delicious, and then we serve it in a way to flaunt it. The natural beauty of the plate will be highlight by slight inclusions of colour making sure your food speaks volumes.

Sydney has a diverse food culture made up of pockets of international cuisines with Italian eateries in Leichardt, Asian inspired Haymarket and Subcontinent restaurants in Parramatta. No matter what your flavour is, our skilled food photographers and videographers will work closely with you to understand the heart and spirit of your culinary project to create profoundly soulful food images to entice diners and food critics alike.

Speak to us at You Studios today about how we can help give your food photography the wow factor!