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Project Description

Capture The Beauty And Radiance of Your Nurturing Side

Photos Of Your Pregnancy

The expectation of a new member of the family is an exciting and emotional time. With all of the changes to our lifestyle during pregnancy, it sometimes can feel as if our due date can’t come soon enough. Don’t hide away until the happy day. A maternity photo is a great reminder of the effort a mother makes even before baby is born, and an excellent memory to keep for your children as you teach them the story of your family, chapter by chapter.

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Capture Your Miracle

A portrait of you during pregnancy is an inspiring way to celebrate this natural miracle. At You Studios we will ensure that your ‘baby bump’ portrait captures a moment in time connecting you, your family and your new addition. The expertise of our team is at your beck and call as we create images that reflect your unique sense of beauty and poise within your maternity story.

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It’s Important To Feel Appreciated

We occasionally hear stories of women who feel they want to hide their body away from the world while they are carrying baby. As the dress size increases and the emotions change, you may never give yourself the chance to realise just how beautiful you are during maternity. This is such an important time to feel appreciated and few things help you feel special like one of our glamorous make-overs. Our photographers capture your true essence with soft-portraiture resulting from a number of lighting set ups.

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