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Project Description

Delicious Food Photography

Passionate Culinary Explorers

As a team of passionate culinary explorers, You Studios are highly skilled at managing/styling and directing your food photography shoot to take your customers on a culinary experience. With a unique eye for detail, your food images will be aesthetically pleasing while showcasing your menu.

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Our Food photography service is personalised to each business offering a portable studio setup perfect for any location. The portable photography setup comes complete with studio lighting, a light box and changeable backgrounds both black and white.

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Restaurant Promotional Videos

Let the culinary experience continue with a short promotional video telling your story. We assist you to develop your food project’s soul, style and substance. From preparation to plate our creative team of videographers will entice, tantalise and excite your senses.

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Why Use Flat Lays to Market Your Products?

August 14th, 2018|0 Comments

Flat lays are a mix amongst product photography and lifestyle. It deviates from the path of taking boring snapshots of products against white backgrounds and displays your item in a setting without including any individuals.

Excellent Ways To Market Your Wine Bar

July 25th, 2018|0 Comments

At a vineyard or winery, the sales of wine is controlled by substantially more than the tannins on your tongue or the legs on the glass. For some, consuming wine is all about the 360°

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