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Document Your Wedding In A New Way

All weddings are not equal; the videos recorded are not created equal either. Wedding is an auspicious ceremony and people have so many dreams associated to this day. A long-time planning, then the execution and at last the marriage itself - all of these events are very crucial and precious elements of a person’s life. Keeping the memory alive in the form of a video

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Why Use Flat Lays to Market Your Products?

Flat lays are a mix amongst product photography and lifestyle. It deviates from the path of taking boring snapshots of products against white backgrounds and displays your item in a setting without including any individuals. It's an all the more intriguing approach to see your brand image and the items you offer; besides, clients love flat lays. Pinterest and Instagram are loaded with bloggers and

Why Use Flat Lays to Market Your Products?2018-08-14T22:49:36+10:00

Excellent Ways To Market Your Wine Bar

At a vineyard or winery, the sales of wine is controlled by substantially more than the tannins on your tongue or the legs on the glass. For some, consuming wine is all about the 360° experience. This may incorporate giving a beautiful view, influencing them to feel like they are in the midst of a furlough, and obviously any free drinks that are distributed. For

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Photo Ideas To Capture Priceless Moments Of Your Kids’ Childhood

Children grow so fast. It is truly amazing that from day to day, month to month and year to year, kids seem to develop and change at an increasingly rapid rate. In these times of digital technology, we are lucky to be able to snap everyday photographs and videos of our children, securing a record of their journey from infant to children and so on.

Photo Ideas To Capture Priceless Moments Of Your Kids’ Childhood2018-01-23T23:02:48+11:00

What Goes Into Making An Indelible Wedding Video?

Filming a wedding is not just a job or a profession, it is an art. At Drummoyne’s You Studio Photography, the team takes the time to get to know you, develops a video concept that reflects the theme of your wedding as well as your personality and any preferences you may have. All the planning is done prior to the day of the wedding so

What Goes Into Making An Indelible Wedding Video?2018-01-11T15:57:38+11:00

How To Display Family Portraits Ideally?

Professional family portraits are something to treasure. Keepsakes of special occasions, new family additions, multiple generations in the one shot or even the traditional family photo, all create a permanent memento of a special moment in time. Once a family receives their professional printed photographs, the question of how to display or store them then arises. Common ideas include framed portraits displayed neatly on a

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Photographic Trends of 2017

With an increase in amateur photography, increased access to technological advances such as drones and of course the influence of social media, the industry of photography is certainly undergoing some changes. According to Deloitte, about 2.5 trillion photos were shared online last year with the majority of those being taken by a smart phone. Photographs used to be more of a personal keepsake of a

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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Photographer

Personality Here, personality does not solely mean to represent the photographer’s character. The most obvious component before you judge the personality is the images and style of photography. Half of the personality depends on the type of quality he/she bestows. Before you call for a consultation, it may be helpful to go through that photographer’s website. The images will automatically help your instincts to eliminate

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Background Ideas For Product Photography

When it comes to product photography people generally opt for white backgrounds. White enhances the beauty of the product and it is simple too. It ensures complete focus on and a clean look for the product. White is often said to be an infinity curve in the photography industry. On the contrary, white can be boring as well. If you want to create a different

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The Most Popular Photographic Genres

Most of us capture pictures using our smartphones, DSLRs and other types of cameras on a regular basis. Also, we are exposed to different kinds of photographs everyday, including those on social networking sites, departmental store adverts and even huge billboards. However, except professionals and enthusiasts, not everyone is aware of the different genres that photography exists in. For capturing pictures the right way and

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