How To Display Family Portraits Ideally?

Professional family portraits are something to treasure. Keepsakes of special occasions, new family additions, multiple generations in the one shot or even the traditional family photo, all create a permanent memento of a special moment in time. Once a family receives their professional printed photographs, the question of how to display or store them then arises. Common ideas include framed portraits displayed neatly on a wall, photographs placed into a photo album or even into separate stand-alone frames placed in prominent places throughout the home.

A new trend in photograph displays is emerging where the portraits are arranged to create a feature wall or even a work of art. There is no end to the creativity with photos arranged into shapes such as love hearts, spaced sporadically or in a pattern on a wall or even set against a wall decal made specifically for photo displays.
Photographs arranged as part of an artistic wall decal can really be quite beautiful. From family trees, to clocks and lovely family mottos and inspirational quotes, wall decals fitted with professional photographs are not only effective from an interior design perspective, but can really add a feeling of emotion to any room.

A more traditional photograph display with photos neatly arranged on a wall can blend the architectural design of a home with a touch of personal art. Examples of this include photographs along a staircase wall, three portraits evenly spaced above a piece of furniture or even a single large framed photograph mounted to be the focal point of the room. Creating your very own home gallery is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to the building as well as enjoy the special photographs that you have chosen to display.

Another trend that is becoming more common is a photo wall. Covering a wall with photos can overwhelm a space so care must be taken to ensure the arrangement, size of frames and colours are chosen to complement the room’s other features. A photo wall can be individualised through use of photo frame colour and shape or forgoing frames all together and attaching the photographs directly to the wall. Photographs may also be arranged into a shape to add some character or may be displayed on shelves that line the entire wall.

You Studios can work with you and your family to develop the gorgeous photographs needed to add that personal touch to your home. Contact us now to discuss what you’re looking for and how our stylists and photographers can help you achieve those results.