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Project Description

What are Flay Lays?

If you have looked through a lot of social media pages then you would have seen a lot of Flat Lays. Since Social Medias Inception Flat Lays have become extremely popular and are a great way to gain traction in the market place and showcase your products and company.

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Professional Photographers

The Professional team of photographers at You Studios have mastered the art of laying out multiple items while carefully positioning and styling them. We capture a range of products including but not limited to, FMCG products, Beauty, food and Clothing.

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How to setup the perfect Flat Lay

The Base

Start with a good base often a flat surface. Using a piece of white cardboard is really useful as you can place it anywhere helping to create more natural light. If you are looking at using a timber floor or something with texture make sure the products don’t blend into the background.


Work off a white base firstly then start adding in colour and items, remembering that less is more. Adding a combination of coloured cards and wrapping papers adds texture and colour. Using blankets, ropes, throws, herbs, garnish, raw foods are also a great way to add in depth and texture. Try not to use too many patterns in the same flat lay.


Make sure there is a lot of natural light as dark images are less appealing. Using a soft box can be a great way to control the amount of light. You Studios use a professional lighting setup to create endless options.


After photographing your Flat Lays photoshop is a great way to increase the colour saturation and remove small unwanted items. lastly try not to make the images look too fake by over using photoshop as real images gain more traction.

Crop, Pad and Align

Consistency in presenting a product collection creates unity and improves user-experience. Having a style guide is important and must be applied time over time.

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