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Project Description

Welcome To The World, You Little Star

We create lasting memories of these unforgettable early stages of your baby’s life with portraits that you will treasure forever.
You can feel assured and at ease with our highly trained photographers and state-of-the-art studios, which are fully equipped to create a calm environment for you and your bundle of joy.

Capture The Start Of A Lifetime

When you are expecting a new member of the family it is always an exciting time, whether it is your first, second or your third special addition. When your baby is born you will find that the first few weeks are an amazing, life-changing and truly magical time. As you look at your child, you are at long last able to see your baby’s unique features on a face that you have tried to imagine for so long. Our children outgrow that newborn look sooner than we think, making it a great memory to return to as it is one of the most magical moments of life.

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Newborn Baby Whisperers

You Studios have experienced baby photographers who have been taking photos of newborns and babies in Sydney for over 13 years. Our photographers are specifically trained and skilled to gently handle the most delicate member of your family with the utmost care. We coordinate sessions for newborns within the first two weeks of birth, when your baby is still very sleepy and easily retains a pose of peace and serenity. We allow ample time for your shoot, taking into consideration the necessary time for you to have alone with baby for cuddles and feeding.

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They Grow So Fast!

Once your baby reaches 5-6 months you will start to see them sharing more expressions. They may have reached the stage where they have started to crawl, sit up and lift their neck when having tummy time. We capture lasting memories of these unforgettable early stages. Let us create an array of baby looks that you can reflect on for a lifetime.

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