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Project Description

Family Portraits

Whether it’s a multi-generational portrait or just a bit of family fun, You Studios are here to present the family at its finest. Your experience begins the moment you place a booking, with our stylist advising what every individual can wear and what props to bring in to compose a vibrant family portrait. This will ensure that the character and passions of every one of you is represented, creating a lasting image of a cohesive family unit where each individual shines in their own unique way.

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Create Lasting Memories

At You Studios, our highly skilled photographers are trained to capture special moments in your lives and create truly individual photographs which tell the story of you and your family. Whether it is a fiftieth birthday, special wedding anniversary (aren’t they all?) or the marking of a personal achievement like a career change, we are here to help you create a special day to get the family together to celebrate the occasion.

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Skilled Photographers

We have experience in organising a multi-age group, ensuring that you make the most of your time together in the studio. With prior planning, the photographer will have a schedule of ideas they would like to capture, to ensure your time in the studio is maximised. They also have a knack for improvisation, ready to encourage any spontaneous moments of magic they feel arising on the day.

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