How To Display Family Portraits Ideally?

Professional family portraits are something to treasure. Keepsakes of special occasions, new family additions, multiple generations in the one shot or even the traditional family photo, all create a permanent memento of a special moment in time. Once a family receives their professional printed photographs, the question of how to display or store them then arises. Common ideas include framed portraits displayed neatly on a

Photographic Trends of 2017

With an increase in amateur photography, increased access to technological advances such as drones and of course the influence of social media, the industry of photography is certainly undergoing some changes. According to Deloitte, about 2.5 trillion photos were shared online last year with the majority of those being taken by a smart phone. Photographs used to be more of a personal keepsake of a

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Photographer

Personality Here, personality does not solely mean to represent the photographer’s character. The most obvious component before you judge the personality is the images and style of photography. Half of the personality depends on the type of quality he/she bestows. Before you call for a consultation, it may be helpful to go through that photographer’s website. The images will automatically help your instincts to eliminate

Background Ideas For Product Photography

When it comes to product photography people generally opt for white backgrounds. White enhances the beauty of the product and it is simple too. It ensures complete focus on and a clean look for the product. White is often said to be an infinity curve in the photography industry. On the contrary, white can be boring as well. If you want to create a different

Book A Photography Session With Your Newborn On This Mother’s Day

As Mother’s day has already started knocking at the door, most people have gotten busy preparing to celebrate the occasion in their own way. But if you are a new mother, that is, you have recently welcomed a bundle of joy in your life, then one of the best things you can do to commemorate the day is book a photography session with your little

The Most Popular Photographic Genres

Most of us capture pictures using our smartphones, DSLRs and other types of cameras on a regular basis. Also, we are exposed to different kinds of photographs everyday, including those on social networking sites, departmental store adverts and even huge billboards. However, except professionals and enthusiasts, not everyone is aware of the different genres that photography exists in. For capturing pictures the right way and

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