Photographic Trends of 2017

With an increase in amateur photography, increased access to technological advances such as drones and of course the influence of social media, the industry of photography is certainly undergoing some changes.

According to Deloitte, about 2.5 trillion photos were shared online last year with the majority of those being taken by a smart phone. Photographs used to be more of a personal keepsake of a special time or occasion, whereas now they are used to document and share almost any part of daily life. From family photos, to food, workouts and even selfies, the photo rules supreme on social media. It is also proven that social media posts with a photo have a far higher engagement rate than those without so the trend has also become a marketing must for business operators.

Over the past 12 months the industry has seen the market embrace drone photography. The unique perspective of aerial photography is proving to be especially popular in tourism, property and wedding industries. With drones becoming more affordable and accessible for the general population, this trend is certainly one to watch. Professional drone photographers such as Sydney’s You Studios offer a service that leaves clients continually impressed by the quality, perspective and stunning beauty of the photographs they take.

Another trend, that is in fact quite beautiful, is a penchant for real emotion in photographs rather than staged and posed photos. Authentic expression creates a response in the viewer, often whether they know the person in the photo or not. Expressive photographs tell a story, they invoke a feeling, they draw the eye and they help their audience relate to the subject. This can sometimes be challenging for professional photographers, staging a photo yet making it look as authentic as possible.

Perspective photography is a trend that has really evolved in 2017. In addition to aerial photography using drones, consumers and the general population can now view 360 degree photographs. A smartphone has the ability to produce an image that offers a complete 360 degree view. This means that anyone with the right technology can put viewers in their shoes. A couple on their honeymoon in Spain may share a 360 degree view from the beautiful Alhambra that their friends and family home in Sydney can view in real time.

Other interesting 2017 trends have been the embracing of bright colours, the reduction in the use of stock photographs, an increase in artistic photography of patterns including architecture and the sharing of photographs of minimalist nature such as a shack amongst a field of wheat or a single tree standing in a concrete jungle. Here at You Studios we look forward to seeing what 2018 has to offer.