Background Ideas For Product Photography

When it comes to product photography people generally opt for white backgrounds. White enhances the beauty of the product and it is simple too. It ensures complete focus on and a clean look for the product. White is often said to be an infinity curve in the photography industry.

On the contrary, white can be boring as well. If you want to create a different point of view, you must come out from the habit of opting for white background all the time.

Thus, if you want to add creativeness in your product photography, you can follow these five creative background ideas to enhance the beauty.


Tiles are very easy to cart around and thus they are common in Sydney product photography. Also, tiles are available in different colours, styles, shapes and textures. Black granite tile can be the best option for product photography as it creates a reflective and clean shot just like white backgrounds. As a replacement, you can also use black vinyl or clay tiles. Tiles can also be used as perfect base.

Kitchen Placemats

Placemats can be a great option for backgrounds. They are cheap and vary in colour, pattern and theme. You can also use placemats from the kitchen and place them in the background. It is always a smart choice to select backgrounds which are already in the house.

Music sheets and newspapers

Music sheets and newspapers are two creative ideas of stunning backgrounds. The black and white combination of the papers creates a great contrasting look. Placing music sheets are always fun as the notes themselves work as an embroidery work. They go perfectly well with musical items or a product which is related to music.


Similar to music sheets and newspapers, books, too, are creative backgrounds. Place a product inside an open book and see how contrasting it looks. Another idea is to place a set of closed books at the background. But, make sure to use smaller products when you are using closed books as your background.


Do you know that pictures themselves pose a great background. Be it a photo, card or magazine, the right picture can upbring the beauty and visibility of the product kept in front of it. Make sure that you use the correct picture and that it does not spoil the colour combination.

No matter which background you choose, always remember to use a contrasting item. Considering these innovative backgrounds can appraise a subject along with perfect visualisation.

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