The Most Popular Photographic Genres

Most of us capture pictures using our smartphones, DSLRs and other types of cameras on a regular basis. Also, we are exposed to different kinds of photographs everyday, including those on social networking sites, departmental store adverts and even huge billboards. However, except professionals and enthusiasts, not everyone is aware of the different genres that photography exists in. For capturing pictures the right way and with perfection, it is very important to have a basic knowledge about those genres. Our pros at You Studio Photography share some information from their own expertise:

Candid – One of the most popular photographic genres, characterised by moments that are captured while they happen, without alerting the subjects that their pictures are being taken. The end results portray the subjects in a relaxed state.

Aerial – Invented by French balloonist & photographer Gaspar Felix Tournachon who captured the first ever picture from 80m above the earth in 1858. It refers to the kind of images that provide a bird’s eye view of a region or landscape.

Landscape – Another popular genre of photography that may portray the consequence of an environmental change or even a scenery. However, in order to capture a good landscape picture, proper lighting is very important.

Documentary – This genre is all about multiple photographs coming together to narrate a photo story, which may be about science, war, love, history, wildlife, etc. It requires one to peruse the subject matter diligently in order to gather sufficient information for taking the right shots.

Architectural – Visuals of different kinds of building properties generally fall under this particular genre. They can be images of either the exteriors, interiors or both, or even a specific intriguing element of a building. They present two types of challenges to shutterbugs – image distortion & lighting.

Portraiture – It refers to the capturing of photographs depicting different expressions and moods of people. Although they can be body portraits or close-up images, the face of the subject is usually the primary focus.

Wildlife – An extremely challenging genre in the realm of professional photography, since it can be very hard to take pictures of fauna in their natural habitat. In order to capture ideal wildlife shots, one has to have the right technical skills.

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