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Project Description

One of the best ways to convey a believable and genuine story is through a Corporate interview. Before setting up your Interview we have 7 great tips below. There are many elements that make a great corporate interview video. Each element is just as important as the other.

1: Choose the right character

The best way to tell the right story is having the right person. Just because he or she is the Owner or managing director doesn’t mean that is the best person to be interviewed. We encourage our clients to pick the best presenter for the job regardless of position or ego.

2: Only interview people that want to be interviewed

If someone is not wanting to be apart of an interview its most likely they won’t perform.  One of the biggest corporate video interview tips is do not force people to be in an interviewed. When someone wants to share their ideas, knowledge, passion and opinions it becomes a much more genuine

3: Changing the Corporate robot to be more human

You want to Make sure you are just having a chat with someone about that subject. We believe natural conversation is the most compelling type of the interview that we want to capture. Before we start the interview, we take to time to talk to the interviewee if possible and go through what to expect this helps to make them more human.

4: Keep all questions until the interview

We advise our clients to never give questions beforehand. It’s OK to give the interviewee an idea of what you will cover, but most people will overthink answers if you give them actual questions. If you give the questions out beforehand they could over analyse the questions making them lose the rawness of the interview and also affect their character/performance.

5: Don’t Script the Interviewees answers

The most believable interviews are not scripted. If there’s one thing to learn about corporate video interview tips, it’s letting the characters be real. The audience can generally tell whether answers are scripted and they prefer honesty and genuine storytelling.

6: Why Pre-Interviews are important

Pre-interviews are short conversations to find out the interviewees personality. We like to talk to them for about 5-10 minutes understanding our client to make them feel at ease. Companies should always use their strongest characters for corporate video interviews as they are the voice of the company.

7: Quality Audio is Essential

Quality audio is the most important part of a great interview. The slightest noise during an interview can be distracting. Make sure to choose the right room/location free from disruptions and making sure you are not standing under an air conditioner.

We hope our 7 interview tips have been helpful not only to find the right person to represent your company but also find the right location to film in. To find out more and book in one of our highly skilled videographers contact us today.

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